Kelly and Anna put their marriage plans in high gear when they realized her father had only a short time to live.  We were able to quickly secure the venues - the wedding, at their church and the reception, at a friend's lakeside home - and were able to plan the whole affair in about three weeks.  The late fall weather was in the 70s and the autumn leaves were at the peak of their color, but the best thing about the day was that the bride's father was well enough to attend both the wedding and reception.  He walked his eldest daughter down the aisle only three weeks before his passing. After the ceremony, the wedding party and the family took outdoor photos at a nearby state park. Even though the autumnal palette was an obvious choice for this mid-November wedding, the scheme was far from cliché.  Anna's gown, gauzy draping in the church, the pumpkin centerpieces and the abundance of candles were all in creamy ivory, adding an elegance to the look of the day. Muted green linens covered the tables and unexpected metallics of bronze and copper were also introduced in the painted pumpkins seen on the buffet table. Dinner included chicken marsala and herbed salmon with roasted vegetables, several salads and homemade breads. Kelly loves pumpkin pie, so the autumn favorite stood in as the Groom's 'cake' while chocolate dipped caramel apples served as the evening's favors. The special gift of her father's presence certainly helped Kelly and Anna tell their love story, their way.  

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